An  Educational platform for Hiphop lovers within Cornwall And Devon. For years The Big Dance Company has offered Hiphop with open and social classes winning hundreds of awards all over the World, representing Cornwall in London,  LA, Philippines, South Africa, Malaysia, Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, Frankfurt, Milan,Hamburg, Amsterdam, Ireland, Bolivia, South Korea and Hong Kong.

AKADEMY is a natural step forwards for BDC, offering Hiphop students incentives and goals and the opportunity to earn a dance teachers qualification. AKADEMY sits under the same umbrella as R.E.D with the same grading structure and mission to provide our students with the best quality of teaching available. Over time AKADEMY will offer additional opportunities within the Hiphop community in the UK and Internationally.

‘’AKADEMY provides the tools to become an improved and versatile Hiphop dancer using the UDO syllabus as a backbone to help structure your learning and examination process.’’

Who is AKADEMY run by?

The Big Dance Company in it’s 16th year, is owned and run by Fiona and Ben Richardson and their brain child R.E.D. (Red Educational Dance) has been running for 3 years with increased success and outstanding examination results. The Hiphop AKADEMY will be driven by Kyle Richardson, professional performer and founder of dance troupe FLAVA . Celebrity performers and famous industry professionals will frequent our studios with guest workshops throughout the program.

How do I join?


No better time than NOW! AKADEMY’s first academic year will be starting this September delivering grades: Primary, Grade1 and Grade 2.

Simply pop in to see us to register at the office or email fiona@thebigdancecompany.com and we can send you a registration form. Payments are made by hassle free monthly standing order through your bank.


Soppy end of term alert !!!
We need to thank so many people so here it goes  !!!!

To all of you that came to watch our show yesterday !!! Thank you for the support and what an incredible audience you were ! Sorry for those that could not get in due to selling out. Thank you to our amazing chaperones and backstage help you were patient , kind , attentive and AMAZING !

Thank you to all our dance moms and dads for your driving back and forth and your sacrifices to keep up with your kids path to their dreams ! Thank you to dove films and Kevern photography for capturing one of my most memorable nights of dance of my life ❤  Thank you to our sponsors who help support local children to fulfil their dreams WCYT , rotary and SW heating services. Thank you Regal theatre and staff you were awesome ! Thank you to the Methodist church chapel st for our glorious building we never take it for granted !! Thank you to my family and friends for supporting me and sacrificing some of our valuable time together to help me make a difference in our community.

Thank you to our teachers !
You guys last night I felt such a bond of loyalty and love and passion from us all and the way you take care of those kids like they are your own ! I am so blessed to have you all in our lives ❤ you are so so talented and your work is incredible and creative !! rachel you have been amazing in the office we are so grateful for you. And to our teaching assistants we could not do this without you!

Thank you to our beautiful students. Kids last night when we sat down back stage and saw all your beautiful smiling faces looking up at our teachers end of show wrap up it just reminded me that this is why us teachers do what we do !!! You all danced so so so beautiful yesterday and every single one of you shine so bright on that stage words can’t really express it you had to have seen the show to see how hard you work and how much you believe in yourselves . There were so many moments we were all jumping around backstage and picking each other up with excitement seeing breakthroughs , supporting each other , loosing yourselves and connecting with each other on stage
Thank you all for choosing to be part of the big dance co family and I appreciate every single one of you

Thank you everyone who is part of the big dance co and to everyone who helps us make a difference.

Ben thank you for being my rock and for your constant support I could not do this without you – you would do anything for those children and for me and we are so grateful to you.

Happy summer everyone – Red last class schedule now on your facebook page – end of term picnic Saturday 23rd at 2pm Marazion Park.

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StageStar Classes now available at Big Dance Co.

This is the 16th year of business for the Big Dance Company in Cornwall and third year that we have been running our dance excellence program on Saturdays with over 80 young people now working towards a dance Diploma from the age of 5 , the program is going from strength to strength and are now expanding their classes to stage performance classes.

The Big Dance Companies StageStar will be delivered by Young American Alumni Chris Blewett

Chris who has a degree in creative arts management has been a wonderful and loyal friend to the Big Dance Company for many years. He has been performing on stage since he was 14 with theatre companies and successfully auditioned and toured the world with the Young American’s performing in 16 countries and teaching over 10,000 children. Chris will be joining our passionate RED team and passing on his skills in a high energy stage performance class that will include singing, acting and general stage skills that will help build your confidence, develop your own identity, get the most out of your performances and stand out in a crowd.
Chris has been trained by some of the best in the business and will be passing on his knowledge and industry secrets to our RED students.

As a new exciting addition to the RED program you may take this module alongside other classes or just on its own. This class will perform at our annual show on !7th July at the Regal Theatre Redruth and join from 11th June and cost is only £25 introductory offer for classes until the show.

Session 1
11am – 12pm

Session 2
2pm – 3pm

please text 0777 333 42 38 to book your slot , name and time required.

here is a glance of the amazing Young American’s that Chris Trained with .

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qCSMwqV531M young americans footage


The Big Dance Company have just returned from a trip of a lifetime from the prestigious Dance Excellence Festival held in the Hilton Hotel Anaheim Los Angeles.

This is the 9th year that the Big Dance Company has taken dancers to experience this life changing event that exposes them to choreographers and dancers at the top of their field in the Industry. They take 21 hours of challenging and exciting dance classes, have mentorship from LA’s greatest industry professionals, perform at Disneyland California on the main stage and get to share a week with dancers from all over the world.

At the end of the week each country representing presents a piece of work and it is judged by top industry professionals with 4 grade levels and again this year the group were awarded the highest award of Excellence for each of their entries Jazz, Contemporary and Variety.

Artistic Director Fiona Richardson was awarded A global Arts award and praises the students that they took this year for being humble, honourable, passionate and amazing role models for Cornwall. “They really flew the Flag for Cornwall , I am so proud. Fiona adds “This trip is so important not just to our students but to our teachers to have those International connections and up to date training to make sure our studio is current, fresh and exciting. This year we are travelling to LA, Philippines, Kuching and India giving our students amazing life experiences that they will treasure for the rest of their lives. We would like to congratulate the following students for their huge achievements and to ER Jenkins and son for their sponsorship for the young people ” Cattran Dugdale, Megan Barkham, Sophie Jenkin, Abi Hillman, Maizie Jenkin, Jess Davy, Lotte Davy, Jess Godden, Rosie Laskey, Victoria Philipps and Alice Stansbie.

The big Dance Company new term starts back April 16th for those who would like to join. All ages and abilities welcome. www,bdc.me.uk for timetable.