Welcome to the home of the Big Dance Company, a place where you can be individual, challenged, motivated, inspired and part of a family. We are a family run business who’s mission is to empower young and old with confidence, dreams, ambitions and motivation by providing quality training alongside huge opportunities and support from our dedicated and passionate team.

The Big Dance Company is celebrating 17 years in operation in Cornwall. We are proud to say we have nurtured and trained World Dance Champions,Professional dancers and very successful adults. We pride ourselves on providing dancers with the tools they need to be successful in whatever path they choose and provide a place to feel part of something, a second family to enjoy exciting challenges , worldwide travel opportunities and some beautiful motivated and ambitious people to share it with. You can dance for social fun or join one of our technical dance courses to gain a teaching qualification or a dance diploma. We have our very own dance agency South west movement that provides opportunities for our dancers in the professional Industry.