BUS LEAVES PENZANCE BUS STATION AT 5AM in uniform, please bring snacks for bus and water for day. Costumes ironed and hung in costume covers not in bags as we can not iron there. Improv wear white or grey.

The details of the day are:

  • Party runs from 11am-2pm.  Children’s choir performing 11.20am. beatboxer Grace Savage is performing at midday for 15 minutes followed by a 45 minute  workshop until 1pm.  


  • Animate’s performance for 1.15pm followed by workshop led by Chris Blewett.

oh so quiet, chris singing in between Esha and maizie improv , find me , chris sing again all improv.

  • Car parking – Minibus in the underground car park and we will give you a car park pass when you leave so there’s no charge
  • Refreshments – soft drinks available throughout.  Your team are all very welcome to join us for a hot lunch afterwards (on us!) at 2pm which will be served in the hospital restaurant
  • Ward visits – Take a gift to the children on the ward, the ones who are to sick to come and watch you. Labelled boy or girl and age. (new and wrapped)
  • Changing area –  meeting room they used last year so they can change and leave your possessions safely in there throughout visit



You have been booked as a professional act , although unpaid as a charity event you are expected to perform and act as professionals. This is our third year performing here and they have re booked us down to our energy, enthusiasm, compassion and professionalism so please remember our job on the day is to spread joy and make an impact that they won’t forget. Ben and Chris are managing so please adhere to their instructions. If you would rather not visit the ward if you feel you may get upset or affected please let me know and we can arrange for you to be taken care of downstairs.


Hair two plaited space buns and eyelashes and make up same as encore.



Chris will be leading a workshop you guys will assist. Remember you are not learning the dance you are heightening the atmosphere and encouraging the children to have fun and relax so lots of well dones and you are amazing’s, and smiles xxx


So proud of you all , please let me know if you have any questions 0777 333 42 38