Classroom guidelines and etiquette

  • Do not arrive late for class as this can risk injury and disruption to other class members.
  • Students should be dressed appropriately for classes, please see the class clothing guidelines.
  • Bring water and snacks for energy between classes.
  • Keep your studio clean, treat like your second home and use bins provided for all rubbish.
  • No jewellery in classes and hair should be tied back and in a tight bun for Ballet.
  • Remember to practice good manners and say thank you to your teacher after class.
  • Be kind, be positive, be a good person. We are so passionate about making this place a happy place to be. If you are unhappy about something tell us, if you are happy about something tell everyone!!!
  • Gossip is normally based on lies and someone wanting to make themselves look better while hurting someone else. This is a big problem in Schools and will be no different in dance schools unless we put our foot down with it. Big dance co ask that if you become a victim of gossip bearing please come straight to principal Fiona Richardson so we can protect the person/s
  • Students should always treat teachers and fellow students with respect. We operate a no bullying policy and take this very seriously. Any students that are threatening others or making others feel uncomfortable will be asked to leave.
  • The classroom is where you should be comfortable with making mistakes and exploring new things. We endeavour to ensure that this is a place where you can be comfortable learning. Please let us know right away if you feel that this does not meet up to your expectations.

Parent observation

During our regular dance classes, it is more beneficial for parents to watch the child from outside of the room for multiple reasons to support a progressive and high quality dance class for all our dancers. These reasons include:

  • Students need to feel confident to let go and try new things and this is easier when a parent is not watching.
  • The noise levels in the class can become distracting for students.
  • If some students (especially young ones) don’t have a parent watching this can distract them and they may get upset why they don’t have an audience.
  • Young students always run back to parents and check for reassurance when learning so this may discourage classroom independence.Family observation days will be available so you can see the progression of your children and also our annual shows.

You may join your child in the class for their first time if very young and unsure.