Halili Cruz prestigious dance intensive


Christine Fiona Richardson – Megan Barkham Fiona assistant teaching contemporary and acro

Kyle Richardson – examiner for UDO exams and classes in hip hop

Rebecca Louisa luke – teaching commercial

Rachel Kevern – photo and chaperone

Sennen Kevern – student

Tilly Anne Brewer – student

Caleb Englefield – student

Ben Richardson joining for Recital and beach house.


Luggage allowance : 30kg but you need to leave space to bring back your show costumes.

Carry on (BDC Bag) : no more than 7kgs

Liquids in see through bag:



Sunday 30th April London Heathrow Terminal 3

Flight  CX238 Cathay Pacific  5:05pm

Arrive Hong Kong Terminal 1 on 1st May at 11.55am  

Leave Hong Kong CX919 Terminal 1  2.25pm

Arrive Manila Terminal 3 at 4.45pm Monday May 1st


3rd June Manila Terminal 3

Flight CX912 Cathay Pacific 8.30am

Arrive Hong Kong Terminal 1 at 10.45am

Leave Hong Kong CX239 Terminal 1 at 12:15pm

Arrive London Terminal 3 6.10pm



Things to Bring




4 BDC bright tshirts worn in rotation

1 travel BDC top

BDC Rain Jacket (not scruffy) please bring in after British to be printed on the back)

BDC Travel Bag from office


Sweat towels you can use flannels, you will need at least 6.

Water bottle 2 litre


Blue RED leotard and 4 other black leotards

Tights (these can also be purchased at the shop in Philippines)

Canvas Ballet shoes (Clean not tatty)

Hair nets and grips (your hair must be done with gel and secure every day)

False eyelashes for show (don’t get lash extensions they will sweat off in a day)


RED leggings

Black Dance shorts

Black leotard

Black jazz shoes



Black leotard and shorts

Things to take

  • Plug convertor asia
  • Toiletries are cheap out there you could get there except for Tampax take these with you.
  • Bikini for the beach and VERY high skin protection and sunhat.
  • Paracetamol and anti inflammatory tablets
  • Hayfever tablets if you suffer with it.
  • Tablets to make you go and stop if needed mark box clearly
  • One nice dress encase we go somewhere posh
  • Cardigan for cinema (it’s freezing in there)
  • You won’t change much into clothes so don’t take too many ! trust me i have done this for the past 6 years and always take too many clothes!
  • Light pyjamas it’s boiling
  • Make sure your trainers are clean for hip hop you can’t wear the same trainers outside that you wear in studio.


  • Presentation is of utmost importance at the studio. Every day you must arrive in pre arranged Uniform and your hair in a gelled bun. You will live mostly in flip flops so get a decent pair that are clean and tidy.
  • When you are not at the studio and time out , dinners, visiting your clothing must be respectful and not showing cleavage and no risky short skirts.
  • Nail polish is a no on both toes and fingers so please make sure you don’t have nail extensions when you go. Clean manicured nails.
  • Take Wet wipes and hair things to studio every day as you get very sweaty!!!



Classes start Tuesday May 2nd

Russian Ballet, Halili cruz Ballet and pointe, jazz with teacher Grace, Contemporary with teacher Grace, pilates, Philippines traditional dance. Ballet teacher Anna

22nd – 25th May  International dance festival performance !! fiona teach workshop all assist – 800 participants

Last classes and rehearsals Thursday 25th May

Saturday 27th May Recital at http://www.rwmanila.com/venue/newport-performing-arts-theater

Sunday leave for Batangas private beach house for relax and TANNING !!


The month will consist of training intensive of classical ballet, pilates, hip hop and contemporary , jazz with top choreographers in their field inciting prima ballerina master teachers from Russia.

You will then perform at resorts world Manila in a recital with the Halili Cruz ballet company to over 8,000 people.


Your fee includes

All classes ,Shared condo with pool for the weeks you are st studio with your friends and myself. Personal Nanny and cook. Personal driver to and from studio and mall trips. Food and drink Beach house trip to batangas Costumes for the recital. DVD of your performance Photoshoot in your costumes Halili Cruz uniform.


Cost as student

£1400 full package

Flights paid

Transport £TBC mini bus

Uniform working on sponsor TBC

Spending money approx £150? depends if you want to shop.