EUROPE’S FIRST C.S.T.D PROGRAM HERE IN PENZANCE – Opening wider opportunities to our community.


The Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dancing is one of the world’s great International Dance Societies proudly serving dance for over 80 years. 2013 marked the 80th Anniversary of the Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dancing (CSTD). Established Australia 1933.

The first ever delivery of exams in Europe were held at The Big Dance Company Studios in February 2014, where all students gained above honours plus and 80 percent with distinctions. Our last exams in 2017 many of our students received the highest scores of honours plus.

Fiona Richardson’s The Big Dance Company team have worked around the clock sparing no expense to prepare this prestigious and exciting program, a natural progression in their teaching of dance.

This exciting educational dance program for children as young as young as six up to adults will be delivered in a positive, nurturing, upbeat environment with high quality training in fully equipped beautiful studios in picturesque Penzance.

Students can now work towards a diploma and Teaching Diploma in Classical Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary with theory in Nutrition, Anatomy, Choreography, Self management , musicality and soon to come, Acrobatics , Tap, Theatrical and Performing Arts Studies syllabus.  The C.S.T.D National Diploma in Dance course will provide students with top quality dance training, performance skills, confidence building skills, travel opportunities as well as first class dance education. Students can work through their exams for own personal challenges, for fun or work towards a teaching diploma should they wish to make a career out of dance as a professional artist or a teacher in the private sector. Alongside the technical educational training this course will help develop their individual skills,  building on choreography, performance skills and audition techniques, empowering them to be strong individuals. Once qualified as a C.S.T.D teacher among their own career goals, they may apply for teaching posts at the Big Dance Company Cornwall or nationally and internationally through the C.S.T.D including countries in Asia and Australia.

The course is delivered on a part time basis every Saturday by exceptional resident teachers in Classical Ballet, Modern Jazz, Acrobatic dance, Contemporary.

The C.S.T.D syllabus was introduced by dance masters Halili Cruz Ballet, the most outstanding Ballet Company in Asia.. The standard and beauty of their classical ballet captured the heart of  Artistic Director Fiona Richardson deciding that this was the perfect syllabus for the Company.